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Celebrate the 70th Anniversary

70 Years ago the Air Training Corps was founded, and to celebrate Stockton air cadets took part in a special ATC Sunday parade in York. 14 cadets from Stockton Squadron took part in the parade from York Castle Museum to York Minister and the service in the minister. Cadets from the Stockton Squadron band also took part in the Parade including 3 of our Tenner Drummers and 1 side Drummer.



Junior Cadet Enrolment


Tonight was a very important night for 12 of Stockton Air Cadets newest recruits. After completing their 3 month probation period and passing all their exams they were officially enrolled by the padre into their flights and are now full members of the squadron.

Over their 3 months of training they attended lectures in History of the Air Training Corps, Communications, The RAF, Principles of Flight, First Aid, Map Reading and Airmanship. They also took part in more practical lessons in Drill and Uniform. The 12 newly enrolled cadets were recruited at the most.


recent cadet recruitment night and starting attending the squadron on the 4th of October, the success of this intake can easily be seen by the 0% drop out rate which is a direct result of the commitment by both staff and cadets at the squadron.  The Enrolment Ceremony was attended by the cadet’s parents and Cadet Alex Blick won the Best Cadet award.

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